Introducing Raptoreum

Solving real world issues through Blockchain technology and innovation.
Opensource, and community driven with no ICO, no pre-mine, and a fair launch.

What is Raptoreum?

A secure and ASIC/FPGA Proof Of Work Cryptocurrency that also allows for asset creation, futures, and smart contracts, while remaining immune to 51%/double spend attacks.

Receive and spend funds instantly with no waiting on confirmations, anonymous sending is also available.


POW Algorithm: GhostRider
Block Time: 120 seconds
POW Block Reward: 5,000 RTM
Difficulty Retargeting: DGW
Maximum Supply: ~21 billion
Masternodes: Yes
Asset Layer: Yes
Smart Contracts: On Roadmap
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ASIC Proof is a buzz term, and we will not use it. Instead we introduce GhostRider our own algorithm that not only makes it very difficult to design for but also makes it costly.

We are 100% commited to keeping both ASIC and FPGA off the Raptoreum network. Our algorithm is designed to be easily added to and changed, allowing us to fork more easily should we need to.
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Assets / Tokens

You will see these terms used often, they are one in the same. Assets and sub-assets will be easily created from inside your Raptoreum wallet. Assets must be uniquely named and only one of each can exist.

Assets cost 500 RTM to create, those coins are recycled and introduced back into the ecosystem as additional rewards for miners and Masternodes.

Smart contracts

Smart contracts are introduced as the way to provide trustless and automated on chain transfer of assets / tokens.

Due to the way they are handled they will not only have a larger allowed size than Ethereum's contracts but also allow a greater variety of languages in their writing.


Masternodes are responsible for storing and executing smart contracts, having nodes handle contracts rather than adding them to blocks greatly reduces the chances of scaling issues, like Ethereum has been experiencing. In addition this also allows larger smart contracts and a wider variety of languages that can be used to create them.

Other Tech

51% / double spend protection, instant spend (no confirms needed), private send, removing halving and going with a custom emissions plan, and a tiered Masternode collateral and reward system.

These are just a few of the other innovative features we have planned.

"GhostRider" POW Algorithm

It’s a collection of algorithms, the x16r and CryptoNight families, cycled in random and not so random patterns used to gain consensus on the on chain generation and transaction of coins.The x16r family of algorithms are more or less all fairly computationally intensive (core clock for gpu miners) as the math is fairly simple but intense.

What the CryptoNight contributes is memory intensiveness (mem clock for gpu miners or cache for cpu miners) which you can think of as the “in between calculations on the way to a result.Combining memory and core intensive algorithms at this level of scale will clearly favor CPU/GPU miners over FPGAs and ASICS.

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Assets / Tokens + Smart Contracts.

Adding smart contract capabilities to the asset system at the most basic level allows for trustless and automated transfers of not only coins but assets themselves. This is not only more efficient and safer then trusting a third person or direct person to person, it also allows DAPP developers to easily make use of the asset platform.

The real world use cases is endless for this combination and the ease of use of the asset system makes for much better end user adoption, participation, and safety in comaprison to something like Ethereums ERC-20.
In addition the tokens also allow you to broadcast messages to holder, pay dividends, and allow voting.

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