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A Secure Anti ASIC/FPGA PoW Cryptocurrency Building for Asset Creation, Futures, & Smart Contracts, While Remaining Resistant to 51% / Double Spend Attacks


ASIC/FPGA Resistant GhostRider Algorithm

GhostRider is an algorithm created specifically for Raptoreum and was invented by lead developer, Tri Nguyen. It was built to discourage specialty hardware such as ASIC & FPGA by randomly cycling several different algorithms enabling anybody to competitively mine it allowing true decentralization


Easy & Powerful Asset Platform

Raptoreum is adding an asset layer that will allow anybody to quickly and easily create a non fungible asset/token



Lock RTM coins or assets into a special transaction, and have them automatically released at a blockheight or timestamp of your choice


Multi Language Smart Contracts

Stored and executed at Smartnode level, allowing scaling while avoiding the congestion issues seen on Ethereum, allowing Raptoreum to deliver 3-4 common programming languages with a backbone of Apache Spark


51% / Double Spend Protection Active

Active LLMQ & chainlocks protecting the Raptoreum network from 51% / double spend attacks allowing Raptoreum to be one of the most secure cryptocurrency and asset platforms available today


Custom Emissions & Rewards

Raptoreum uses a tiered Smartnode collateral and reward system avoiding deployment hyperinflation and a custom reward structure allowing smooth emissions





Raptoreum is part of the Feathered Corp – House of Francis, Room 303, lle Du Port, Mahe, Seychelles